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eM by the River

When Jose and Adrienne last visited, we went to eM, located along the Singapore River and had hi-tea. Outdoorsy, easy, casual with mix and match sofa and seats, this is the place to chill and unwind. We lazily sipped our coffee and Pimm’s, ate a bowl of fruit salad and creme brulee. Not a bad place to in the … Continue reading

Thailand 2010: Raawai Beach, Koh Phi Phi, Patong Beach

Photo Journal: Thailand October 2010

My Japanese Love Affair: Hanayoshi, Singapore

Bob asked me out on a date to bring me to this hidden gem in Duxton road for dinner.  I was totally craving to eat sushi and sashimi for 2 weeks but he begged me to not go anywhere near a Japanese restaurant.  He said to trust him that my cravings will be satisfied once … Continue reading

Happy Curry Day: Orchard Maharajah

August 21 is the day where everyone across the globe celebrates and enjoys a pot of curry. My co-foodie, Bob, spoiled me by allowing me to indulge on my north indian cuisine craving today. And so, while strolling around town, we happened to pass by Orchard Maharajah, a restaurant serving north indian cuisine along the … Continue reading

Fei Fei Wanton Noodle House

What I admire about Singapore is how the food culture remains thriving.  Most hawker stalls have rich history, awarded and recognized. Singaporeans love their food! Breakfast, lunch, high tea, dinner and supper, most makan (eating) places operate 24 hours.  Before coming here, I was oblivious to the supper culture but slowly I have adapted. Feeling … Continue reading

Bowl2Bowl : Assam Laksa Face-off

Probably one of my favorite dishes here in Singapore is the humble bowl of Assam Laksa. The main flavoring for this noodle dish native in Malaysia is similar to Sinigang, a popular dish (and my ultimate favorite!) in the Philippines which uses tamarind (assam). Assam Laksa is one of the dishes that can make my … Continue reading

Floats and Burgers Review: Billy Bombers and FATBOYS

When I was in culinary school, there was a session in my Professional Cooking class that we have to create and cook burger patties.  Our professor showed us a couple of trade secrets, from the ingredients that we were suppose to put to make it juicy, up until the perfect shape, size, weight and how … Continue reading

P.S. Cafe: The Ginger Pudding

“Monday Blues”, usually people say it because it’s the start of the week again either at work or school.  Well I am not working today but it’s bluer than blue because it’s raining.  Yes it’s a nice weather to sleep in but I actually planned to be productive today. Now, I couldn’t do my laundry, … Continue reading

August 2011 Hit and Miss Guide: Sandakan, Malaysia

To quickly wrap up my 6 days holiday, here’s a recap of what I enjoyed and probably I would pass next time around. HIT! – Honey Roasted Chicken Wings at Kiong Kee, Pasar Kim Fung At Pasar Kim Fung, Sandakan’s food market one can find  this delectable beer snack. (we ate it for lunch anyway) … Continue reading

Tea, Scones & Tete a Tete

The English Tea House and Restaurant is one of the few tourist spots that you can’t miss. This bungalow house has a charming old country english feel where you can enjoy your high-tea in the garden or a friendly croquet match on the tiny green lawn. As we found our place in the garden’s gazebo, … Continue reading

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