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Eating Out in Singapore

db Bistro Moderne, Daniel Boulud

When I was just a wee culinary student, one of my kitchen idols would be Daniel Boulud. I would pour my time and money by buying and reading his cookbooks and autobiography. Reading and recreating his dishes, I have come to love his style of cooking. Hearty and classically french, techniques are well executed in every way.

Probably one of his signature dish is the DB Burger. The ordinary burger becomes a rated 5 star dish when it hits Daniel Boulud’s kitchen. Claimed to be the “most expensive” burger, everyone was raving about it and I wished I could experience such. But a travel to New York to dine at db Bistro Moderne seemed daunting. Imagine my delight when it finally opened here in Singapore and at Marina Bay Sands!

A dinner treat at db Bistro Moderne by Bob made me wish I can do somersaults! Bob made reservations at 7:00pm. Armed with a hungry stomach, enthusiasm and a dslr camera, there’s no stopping us foodie couple indeed.


First up, Tuna Nicoise Salad (SGD 26). The tuna cooked two ways; pan seared and confit. The tuna loin was fresh and seared nicely. Superbly flavored cofit! The portion is light, a great start to a meal.


Bob orderd the famous The Original DB Burger (SGD 38). What makes it special is the patty itself. Made from ground sirloin with some short ribs, it is braised in wine. And for the win, there’s a piece of foie gras in the middle of the patty. As if it wasn’t juicy and sinful enough.

I decided to pass on getting a Coq Au Vin or Gnocchi. I opted for something I haven’t tried before and that is the Home Made Orichiette (SGD 34) .(Orichiette is a small ear shaped pasta.) The veal ragout, tomato confit and ricotta salata in it makes it sound even more interesting. On a side note, this dish is naturally to the salty side because of the cheese. If you have a low tolerance on salty foods may I suggest that you ask the waiter help you lessen the ricotta.


Here’s the Ile Flottante (SGD 15). It looks dense and utterly sweet but surprisingly it was the opposite. It’s merengue cake ‘floating’ on top of the verbena emulsion. Unbelievably light and airy, the texture reminded me of a famous dessert in the Philippines called Brazo de Mercedes.

Need something refreshing to cleanse the palette? Try the Grapefruit Givre (SGD 15). The grapefruit sorbet, sesame foam and rose loukoum is held by a frozen shell of grapefuit peel.

We pretty much enjoyed our dinner. It made me love Daniel Boulud even more. Service was excellent from start to finish. From what I have observed, the staff moved with purpose. As the tables are being slowly filled they still remain attentive and constantly engaging with guests. Being part of the celebrity chefs restaurant family in Marina Bay Sands, db Bistro Moderne must remain or even exceed this high standard in food and in service.


db Bistro Moderne by Daniel Boulud
B1-48, Galleria Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
+65 6688 8525


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