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Orgo, Esplanande

Hello again! I’ve somewhat been on a hiatus lately because of work but it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been into some good restaurants this past week.  I have been eating out but it’s the same shops,  Anyway, Bob surprised me by picking me up after work last night and thought to bring me to … Continue reading

Arnold’s Chicken, City Plaza

I’ve been living near the area for almost 2 years now and I never really did visit City Plaza.  The community is mostly Malay and so with that, I thought the most of the stores are selling purely Malay goods. Yes, how ignorant of me.  And I have never heard about Arnold’s Fried Chicken before. … Continue reading

Time Out Singapore: Singapore’s Top Ten Pastry Chefs

Singapore’s top ten pastry chefs :: Features :: Restaurants :: Time Out Singapore. The dessert scene in Singapore is getting interesting and delicious day by day thanks to these pastry chefs. Shout out to Ku De Ta‘s Chef Bastien!  His pastry kitchen is always euphoric to the senses.

Twelve Cupcakes, Millenia Walk

I’ve always had a weakness for all things cute, sweet and pretty… such things are cupcakes! As self confessed fan of this particular pastry, I have quite a number of share of countless of baking, decorating and taste testing hours.  I know which are the good cupcakes from the bad ones.  Good ones are made … Continue reading

Gyu Kaku, UE Square

Good friends and great food (and beers) makes the evening excellent.  Just the other night, I accompanied Bob to have a dinner with Jeremin, his good friend from Perth.  Jeremin chose the time and place to meet up.  He recommended us to have dinner to this Japanese grill house restaurant called Gyu Kaku, located at … Continue reading

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