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Eating Out in Singapore

Arnold’s Chicken, City Plaza

I’ve been living near the area for almost 2 years now and I never really did visit City Plaza.  The community is mostly Malay and so with that, I thought the most of the stores are selling purely Malay goods. Yes, how ignorant of me.  And I have never heard about Arnold’s Fried Chicken before.  It was because of our part-timer that I decided to do a little bonding time for my Morning Crew at Arnold’s.  He swears by it, saying its the best fried chicken he ever tasted!  I get swayed by good recommendations easily.

When I say there’s a long queue, I really mean it.  The chicken is so good that hungry guests would wait patiently in line and check if it’s their number that is being called already.

Rudy, our part timer is a big fan.  He said that the chickens that they fry is not frozen but fresh.  That partly explains why the meat remains juicy and the golden crispy skin separates nicely.  I believe in what he says too that Arnold’s can beat KFC with their friend chicken.  But no plans of making it into a global fast-food chain (as of yet??) even though they go all the way back to 1984.

Arnold's whole chicken. Cut into quarters.

How do I explain the fried chicken? One bite, I can taste some garlic in there and chinese wine perhaps? Then synergy of spices overtakes that I couldn’t really distinguish each one of them.  The taste is really addicting. No kidding!  Dip it on the chili sauce that they serve.  The chili makes it even better! And I feel the the price is reasonable. S$10.90 for a whole chicken?  Winner!

We ordered some mashed potatoes, coleslaw and the potato platter on the side.  The mash, I feel, is heavy on the black pepper.  To some it may be too much but for me that’s the way I like it.  The slaw was decent. I’ve had better honestly.  Pack on carbs with the potato platter.  Deep fried and dipped with cheese??? Gosh, good stuff!

So anyway, for me it was worth queueing up for.  We ate like there’s no tomorrow.  5 whole chickens for the 8 of us?!  I slept like a baby that night.


Sweet ending for everyone..


I’m so happy to find out that they actually deliver!  Hooray!!


Arnold’s Fried Chicken

Main Branch

City Plaza: 
810 Geylang Rd
City Plaza #02-99
Singapore 409286
Tel: 6746 2372
Fax: 6741 4172

New Outlet

Hougang Green Shopping Mall: 
21 Hougang Street 51, #01-49
Hougang Green Shopping Mall
Singapore 538719
Tel: 6386 9015
Fax: 6386 9051

Express Outlet

Pasir Ris Town Park: 
94 Pasir Ris Central
Pasir Ris Town Park
Singapore 519637
Tel: 6585 0584
Fax: 6858 0586 


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