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Cheers to Yessica and Xaysana!

For centuries, in most cultures, important milestones in life are almost always celebrated thru sharing of food.  It is like how kings throw a feast when battles are won or how Jesus shared his last supper among his disciples.  Hitting closer to home, throwing a reception to formally introduce a newly wed in the society … Continue reading


Love for salmon and Japanese food are probably what Bob, Helmi, Yessica, Mike and I have in common. So we dined at this place called SUSHIGROOVE at Mall Taman Anggrek which by the looks of the contemporary menu and interiors, it is like the John and Yoko of Jakarta. There were such a variety of sushi … Continue reading

Sumibian, Jakarta

“You’ll be wearing an apron with a cute little cow on it.”  That’s the little heads up that Bob told me before coming to Sumibian. Sumibian has claimed to be “the best and original yakiniku restaurant in Indonesia” since 1988.  When we arrived, there were a lot of long tables, big round ones and booths. … Continue reading

Bandar Djakarta, Jakarta

On our first night in Jakarta, we went to feast at this seafood place inside Ancol.  Ancol is a theme park where the fish market and restaurant called Bandar Djakarta is located.  Bob’s family frequent to this theme park just because of Bandar.  To enter, one must pay 15K rupiah for each person including the … Continue reading

A Cup of Kopi Luwak

Before leaving Singapore for Jakarta, I’ve told Bob that I wanted to drink a cup of a genuine Kopi Luwak. I’ve been hearing this “weasel poo” coffee way back and it made me interested to try. I found out in Singapore, one of the hotels actually offer this on their menu, but it’s SGD 60 … Continue reading

Magnum Cafe, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta

Can I just say that this cafe is the coolest thing that I ever saw?  Located at Grand Indonesia, the Magnum Cafe is quirky as can be! It felt like as if I stepped in to Universal Studios.  There’s horses and carriages, cute monogram pillows and a dainty garden.  Have I stepped into the movie … Continue reading

Foodies in Jakarta: Street Food Edition

This is the reason why I was on hiatus, I was visiting Bob‘s hometown in Indonesia which is Jakarta for 5 days.  Well, we wouldn’t have made this trip if not for his sister who is getting married. Apart from the excitement for the celebration, Bob was so excited about coming home again after 2 … Continue reading

What She Ate. // The Adventure Continues

My sister, Bob and I continued the culinary adventure on the next few days.  I was actually worried how the food might sit with my sister’s weak stomach so I guess we veered away from those really local dishes.  Armed with bottomless tummies and insatiable appetite, we headed down first to a cultural hub, Chinatown, … Continue reading

What She Ate. // Michelle’s Culinary Adventures in Singapore

Hey folks! Sorry for the backlog.  I was swamped with stuff to do and I’ve been traveling.  I promise the long pause is worth it.  I’m hyper speeding my blog with posts from all the good stuff that I’ve ate and places that I’ve been to. Anyway, what kept me busy during October was the … Continue reading

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