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Dessert Diary, Eating Out in Singapore

What She Ate. // Michelle’s Culinary Adventures in Singapore

Hey folks! Sorry for the backlog.  I was swamped with stuff to do and I’ve been traveling.  I promise the long pause is worth it.  I’m hyper speeding my blog with posts from all the good stuff that I’ve ate and places that I’ve been to.

Anyway, what kept me busy during October was the time when my sister Michelle was recently in town to visit me during her semestral break. Bob and I made sure that she was well fed and that she gets acquainted with the “good stuff” that Singapore can offer.

Below are some of the blog worthy “makan” places that she had been…

328 KATONG LAKSA, East Coast Rd.

So this is me with my sister “Mich”. (She likes to be called that way instead of Michelle.)

One thing great about living in the east, especially Bob’s area, is that it’s just a stone’s throw to the entire stretch of popular restaurants and dishes. Such is the laksa with cockles at 328 Katong Laksa.

Michelle never had this in her life so we decided to give her this as her first meal in Singapore.

Island-wide popular, people would drive all the way just to buy packets to bring home or to work.  Pictures after pictures are posted on the wall of the owner, the stall and some local celebrity.

You only need your soup spoon to eat this rich, flavorful bowl of noodles.  Don’t forget to order some freshly cooked Otah (mackarel cake) on the side. Mmmmmmm….

Tea Cosy,  Plaza Singapura

They serve teas and high-tea worthy pastries and the place is so dainty and cozy.  The restaurant’s name is so appropriate for the cuisine and ambience.  Be prepared to see hundreds of angel figurines watching you while you eat.  If that doesn’t make it all heavenly, I don’t know what will.

Foie Gras Taster - pan seared mini goose liver with balsamic reduction and sliver of mandarin

Linguine of Braised Duck with Sundried Tomatoes

Tea Cosy's Mushroom Soup

Grilled Chicken fillet with Steamed Vegetables and Penne Pasta

Tea Cosy's Hamburger with Wild Mushrooms, Coleslaw and Potato Chips


Tea Cosy
68 Orchard Road
#05-10 (Beside Spotlight)
Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839


What’s a dinner without dessert?  We headed to this shop that sells the most mouthwatering and pretty tarts just a couple of floors down at Plaza Singapura to tickle our sweet cravings… Fruit Paradise!

The shop is tucked in a little corner of the area where the Japanese Restaurants are. It’s easy to miss. So keep you’re eyes peeled for this.

What I love about them is that they have a huge selection of tarts with all kinds of fruit and cream as filling! The tart crust itself is just about right in texture… not too crumbly nor hard.  You have the freedom to choose wether you want the most indulgent or the sugar free.

Mango and Banana Tart - zero guilt on the sugar!

The Popular - Mixed Fruit Tart

Gosh this tart was one of the divine tarts that i’ve ever tasted! The buttercream is just delish!  Have this slice of tart with a cup of coffee or tea.  Perfect pairing as always!


Fruit Paradise
68 Orchard Road
#04-01 Tokyo Walker
Plaza Singapura

More of Michelle’s “makan” adventures on the next post!


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