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Dessert Diary, Eating Out in Singapore

What She Ate. // The Adventure Continues

My sister, Bob and I continued the culinary adventure on the next few days.  I was actually worried how the food might sit with my sister’s weak stomach so I guess we veered away from those really local dishes.  Armed with bottomless tummies and insatiable appetite, we headed down first to a cultural hub, Chinatown, for some great food find…

FLOR by Chef Yamashita

My sister’s Chinatown adventure begins with visiting this small cakeshop at Duxton Hill called Flor.

As I’ve told my sister, Flor is highly blogged about these days but I’ve come to know about them through reading a magazine with a Japanese market living or visiting Singapore.  Popular for it’s eye appealing and delicate cakes, it has been featured on one of MediaCorp channel’s TV show.

So what’s the secret? Why all the fuss?

One look at Flor’s cakes, you can tell that there is something unique about them.  The brainchild of a Japanese pastry chef, Chef Yamashita, he creates pastries that showcases the ‘kawaii’ and uses ingredients known to his homeland.

So east, meets west. I knew about the concept of having a Japanese and French fusion in pastries (having been inside a professional kitchen once) and it turns out looking too uptight or high end (in plating and price).  The Japanese part of this concept is using fresh and light ingredients and French side of it is the technique. Chef Yamashita superbly executed this and Singaporean foodies and dessert maniacs alike embraced it.

Pretty and yummy cakes for a right price.  If you happen to visit Flor, it’s a must that you order the Wakakusayama Cake (SGD 6.80).  It’s a matcha flavored roll with buttercream and adzuki beans.  Distinctly Japanese!

Here are the other sweet stuff that we tried…

Mango Pie (SGD 6.30) You can never go wrong with this…

Chocolate Pudding (SGD 6.50)  Hmmm… is that some tofu cubes down there???

My sister proposes her love to Flor! xx


FLOR Original Cake Gallery
No. 2 Duxton Hill, #01-01
Singapore 089588

By the way, it’s a must to make a stop at Maxwell Food Center.  Some of Singapore’s popular food stalls are located there.

tourists at Maxwell

KU DE TA Club Lounge

An afternoon trip to the iconic Marina Bay Sands left us at awe by the spectacular view of Singapore on the 57th floor.

Singapore CBD

KU DE TA Club Lounge is just beside the breathtaking 150 meters infinity pool that one would seem to feel like swimming towards the city. A lounge by day and a club at night, the seats are perfect for those lazy afternoons or those chill out nights.  It was too bad that the weather didn’t seem to cooperate that it drizzled when we came up.  Nevertheless, the ambience and view was just as perfect as expected.

Too bad it rained when we went up… :(

Anyway, all the boy watching and photo ops made us hungry and so we decided to grab some of their popular Wagyu Mini Burgers and Satay Chicken Pizza.

The wagyu burgers came in a platter of 5 that each can be finished in 3 mouths.  It was so juicy that the good stuff oozes in every bite!

juicy-licious wagyu burgers!

I felt that among the other pizza flavors they offer, the Satay Chicken pizza is unique and surprisingly tasty.  The crust is thin and homemade that it looks very rustic. The portion is huge enough for sharing among us 3 hungry souls.

We enjoyed our short trip at the 57th.  KU DE TA Club Lounge’s menu together with it’s breathtaking view definitely offers an experience like no other!

Thanks Bob for our photos! xx


KU DE TA Club Lounge
57th floor, Sky Park
Marina Bay Sands


Before we went for Universal Studios’  Halloween Horror Nights, we had dinner at this Japanese grill restaurant called Tajimaya.  Actually, my sister wanted to experience eating shabu-shabu in Singapore but Bob and I felt that grilling would be more fun!

Tajimaya’s meat selection for grilling was not that extensive. Unlike Gyu Kaku’s thick and confusing menu, Tajimaya’s is streamlined.  It has that major varieties of meat that showcases quite a number of quality cuts.

To start, I ordered some fresh Salmon Sashimi for myself.

Too bad Bob ate like 10 plates of Salmon Sashimi at a Japanese Buffet the night before that’s why he dare not eat even a piece!

Back to the meats, we ordered some U.S. beef karubi, strips of pork loin and a couple of slices of wagyu.  Sauce was poured onto the meats already for flavor.  All we had to do was grill and eat!

The karubi is tender and flavorful.  The pork loin tasted pretty much like bacon if left to crisp on the grill.  For the wagyu though, we try not to waste a good piece of meat.  Just a quick sear and done!  Ready to eat!

We added a plate of Gindara and some mushrooms to give a bit of variety.

There’s value for money at this restaurant.  The service was great, quality in food and a great dining experience.  Great thing we brought Michelle here!


Tajimaya Yakiniku
1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-102 Vivo City
+65 6377 0070

Happy Tummies!


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