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Jetsetter's Food Finds

Bandar Djakarta, Jakarta

On our first night in Jakarta, we went to feast at this seafood place inside Ancol.  Ancol is a theme park where the fish market and restaurant called Bandar Djakarta is located.  Bob’s family frequent to this theme park just because of Bandar.  To enter, one must pay 15K rupiah for each person including the car!

I was so amused!

Anyway, here’s me at Bandar’s fish market, deciding what to eat.

Such a variety of fishes, clams, crabs, prawns and all to choose from!  Bob’s mom fired away in ordering and letting the fishmonger, who was assisting her, how she wants all the items to be cooked.

Bob wanted to try the Alaskan King Crab but we decided not to take it because we ordered so much already.  After all has been settled, we proceeded inside.

The place is huge!  I estimated scant a thousand pax can be seated and served.  There’s a live band that was playing songs that kept the atmosphere alive.  A tank filled with black tip reef sharks with a lone spotted eel welcomes you.

See the video here.

There were 7 of us that night and tons of food to devour.  The seafood was definitely fresh and the way it was prepared and cooked was so delicious.  Most of the dishes were spicy that it made us eat at a rapid fire pace.

Fresh coconut with orange juice. What a surprising twist!

My favorite would probably be hands down, the spicy mussels.  Humungous, fresh, damn spicy but can still taste the sweet meat.  Finger lickin’ good!  The black pepper crab was not bad.  Bob is an expert of eating crabs.  He fed me lots of fatty pincers!  When the tummies are finally full, it was as if a hurricane passed thru our table.

Anyway, I did a get a peek of the bill.  Would you believe that all those main course, bowls of rice plus drinks of 7 people costed roughly around S$100?!  I almost fell off my seat!

Me and my tummy definitely enjoyed our time there.  Apart from the tasty food we ate, the service was efficient.  All of our dishes came out hot and on time.  Small requests and add ons were given promptly.  Thumbs up!

It was such a feast!  Bob and I’s food adventures in Jakarta is still not over.  More food posts coming soon!


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