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Cheers to Yessica and Xaysana!

For centuries, in most cultures, important milestones in life are almost always celebrated thru sharing of food.  It is like how kings throw a feast when battles are won or how Jesus shared his last supper among his disciples.  Hitting closer to home, throwing a reception to formally introduce a newly wed in the society is a common norm.  My trip to Jakarta was not for the sole purpose of a holiday.  As you can tell by now, it was to witness the engagement of Bob’s little sister, Yessica to Xaysana (Mike).

Prior to the dinner reception, a family lunch was held to celebrate the last few hours of single hood of the couple and acknowledge the new bond of two families thru marriage.

This simple act of eating together symbolizes unity among the people who are present and partaking the meal.  The round table makes it more intimate by enabling those present to see everyone in the group.  And food shared, like a universal language, knows no difference in culture.  Good food can conjure a smile which everyone understands.  It can spark up conversation even among strangers.

That lunch, on that round table, there is at least 3 different languages spoken, people from about 4 to 5 different countries and a great amusement over Jakarta’s scrumptious peking duck which the folks from New Zealand and US totally loved.

Food became the our language that lunch.  It brought everyone together that day.  And later that evening, 540 people celebrated the love and feasted with the newly united family.

We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink… ~Epicurus

May your new life bless you with love, happiness and abundance! :)


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