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Eating Out in Singapore

Gaia Korean Restaurant

I had a MAJOR craving for a seafood bibimbap that it was all that I could ever think about when I’m about to have my meal. My craving pangs were like a pregnant lady’s. I was cranky when I didn’t have the chance to eat it. I was imagining the spicy sauce mixed with the gooey yolk of the egg sizzling as I stir it inside the hotstone bowl. How my mouth watered to the taste of the toasted rice on the bottom of the bowl. If Spain has paella, Korea has the hotstone bibimbap!

Bob, probably tired of me whining, “I want bibimbap please???” complete with my super sad face, gave in and brought me to one of Suntec‘s hidden gem, the Gaia Korean Restaurant.

Gaia is along the stretch of restaurants on the 3rd floor. It was easy to miss because it seems to blend with the other restaurants beside it. The restaurant itself is quite small. Only few tables inside. But it was cozy and seemed huge because it has a mirrored wall.

Anyway, on to ordering…


my date enjoying the appetizers

Bob and I both had, of course, the hotstone bibimbap. His was with pork while mine has beef. Yes, sadly, they don’t offer my bibimbap with seafood. I had to settle with the second best.

Quite disappointed with the service though. Both came out with pork. They forgot I was having beef. :(

Anyway, I kept a happy face. Little things shouldn’t affect me. Nothing could spoil my mood that night. I was having finally my hotstone bibimbap!

I thought the bibimbap was decent. The sauce is nice and the bowl was hot enough to toast my rice. Over all it was enough to satisfy my cravings.

Bob and I ordered the “pancake”. It came out hot and sizzling on the pan. It was mighty oily but the bottom part had a nice crispy texture to it. Bob loved it when it cooled down. He found the texture nicer and the bottom part crispier.

20111205-230106.jpgTo wash it all down, Bob had a Korean beer which he never tried before and while I, a korean plum wine. Gosh! I was surprised it came out in a bottle. I thought I ordered a glass.

20111205-230447.jpg20111205-230310.jpgIt was a happier me that night. Not only did I have my hotstone bibimbap craving satisfied but I also had my fave drink, a korean equivalent to Choya. And yes, I did finish the half of the bottle of the plum wine.


Gaia Korean Restaurant
3 Temasek Boulevard,
#03-10/12 Suntec City Mall, Singapore
Tel: +65 6339 3313


2 thoughts on “Gaia Korean Restaurant

  1. The Pajeon looks yummy!! :)

    I tried a Hite beer in a Korean resto in China.. tastes pretty good especially with kimchi and all the spicy korean food yum yum yum…. :)

    Posted by DS | December 6, 2011, 9:56 am

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