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KU DE TA Weekend Brunch

Sunday in Singapore became like no other when you can have a luxurious buffet brunch atop an architectural wonder while overlooking a breathtaking view of the country.  (insert big breath)  Where is this you may ask? Where else but at KU DE TA!  This extraordinary restaurant resides on a prime address, 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands.

This is a sequel to my post about the launch of the restaurant’s new weekend brunch menu.  See “Brunch at KU DE TA” here.  Sundays are usually my “me day” but I was glad that I spent enjoying the great view and great food among friends.

The first thing that you’ll see as the host show you to your table is the buffet spread. For the first timers, one might think “that’s it?”  but once seated, a menu is presented with all the other items that you can order up until the brunch is over.

This ensures that the dishes are prepared a la minute and served hot or in the case of oysters, freshly shucked.  You may have to wait, but hey, who’s rushing?  You’ll see the classic breakfast items revamped the KU DE TA way.  The food helmed by the culinary geniuses Executive Chef Dan Segall, Chef de Cuisine Dean Bush, Pastry Chef Jarry Bastien and rest of the brigade speaks nothing but lifestyle.


One look, the cuisine is Modern Asian.  A reflection of the many culinary experiences Chef Dan had all over Asia.  It is a warm welcome to Singapore as the country is known as a melting pot of cultures.

There was 4 of us and each tongue had a certain different craving from the rest.  Everything looked so good and so… you got that right… we requested for everything!

Tad too much? Not really.  The portion is not for the glutton.  We finished all that we ordered and even had several trips to the buffet table in between.

half dozen freshly shucked coffin bay oysters

grilled yellowfin tuna steak

kaffir lime marinated prawn skewers

whole baby chicken teriyaki

panfried foie gras with mango pickle – such a generous portion!

braised black angus in Japanese style curry – thumbs up!

vegetable tempura with sweet & spicy tenju sauce

cherry tomatoes with tofu in garlic soy – our table’s favorite!

barbequed senryo eggplant with plum sauce

forty flavored fried rice

darn good eggs benedict

We spent about an hour and a half just munching, talking and taking pictures.

Until we felt it’s time to make a trip back to the buffet table for some desserts and request some smoothies.

cookie, spiced truffle and bread pudding

homemade marshmallows brings the back the kid in me!

tiramisu and fresh dragonfruit

oreo, mocha and banana smoothies

So if you happen to be in Singapore or you want your weekend to be a little bit different, now you know that there’s a place like this that you can go.  A word of advice though, make reservations ahead of time.  You do want to stand a chance with the hotel guests and Skypark tourists dining here.  KU DE TA restaurant is notorious for being always packed!

** Author would like to thank Rudy for the photos that were featured in this post.


KU DE TA Restaurant
SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands North Tower
1 Bayfront Avenue Singapore 018971
Reservations: +65 6688 7688


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