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We had 5 hours to explore the city of Bangkok.  Such a short time to go visit the places that makes this crazy city fun.  According to Chon, our tour guide, “Bangkok” (the name) is already obsolete.  The locals stopped using it for 60 years now.  Today, Bangkok is known to locals as “Krung Thep“… … Continue reading

The Tara, Ko Samui

Ahoy mates! I just came back from an 8 day cruise aboard The Royal Caribbean‘s Legend of the Seas. It was my first time traveling via cruise and visiting Ko Samui, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh altogether so it was pretty special. The trip was a perfect R&R by itself and the off shore tours … Continue reading

WASABI BISTRO, Mandarin Oriental

Hello, hope you had a memorable Valentine’s day date. It’s 5 days after the “happy hearts day” I know…. hope I posted sooner. I had to remind Bob to make time to edit the photos. He is busy as a bee but I am glad he makes time for the ever demanding me. For Valentine’s … Continue reading

Street Food Edition in Boracay: The Balut and Isaw

The Balut is a delicacy and a common street food in Manila.  It is a 16 days fertilized duck embryo that is boiled and eaten. What’s with the 16 days you might ask?  It is because the chick is small yet quite a substantial portion inside the egg.  The Balut is believed as an aphrodisiac. … Continue reading

The Hobbit House, Boracay

Bob, my partner in crime in this food blogging of mine and I are always on for new culinary adventures. And both of us agreed that traveling also is one of our common ground. We are a sucker for things that surprise us, shock us or entices our curiosity.  Exploring is both of our passion and … Continue reading

Aling Tonya’s, Seaside Drive

During one of our dinners in Manila, we opted to have seafood “dampa” style. “Dampa” is a fish market. You choose your fish and they will cook for you just the way you like it. When you say “dampa”, locals would automatically think of the one at Macapagal Avenue. Until recently I’ve been hearing some … Continue reading

Food Scene at Intramuros: Barbara’s and Illustrado

For any first time visitor of Manila, one must not miss out Intramuros.  A military fort and city that was built during the Spanish era in the Philippines, the rich history and culture remains until now.  Some of the streets are still of cobble stones and the some original stone walls still protect the city. … Continue reading

MARCIANO’S, Greenbelt 3

Hello again! Bob and I just came back from the Philippines.  After recovering from the fatigue of our action packed travel in the country, it’s back to work for us and of course back to blogging for me. Yes, you have guessed it. It’s Bob’s first time visiting.  The poor guy didn’t know what to … Continue reading

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