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The Hobbit House, Boracay

Bob, my partner in crime in this food blogging of mine and I are always on for new culinary adventures. And both of us agreed that traveling also is one of our common ground. We are a sucker for things that surprise us, shock us or entices our curiosity.  Exploring is both of our passion and discovering something new exhilarates us.

We were welcomed to Boracay by an interesting dinner experience over at D’Mall.  As we were walking around, we chanced upon The Hobbit House.  We were greeted by a man who is the same height as my 5 year old nephew.

The Hobbit House‘s frontline crew is run by midgets.

The Hobbit House’s menu with pictures of the staff. Too cute!

We both can’t help but be at an awe by them for they were running the tables efficiently.  Our server was knowledgeable, fast and engaging.  Bob loved talking to him and joking with him about his race.  He never saw an Indonesian Chinese before.

Bob and I were amused with the decor and the whole vibe of the place.  A very chill place to unwind, have beers and talk.  There was live music and a live broadcast of Philippine basketball which Bob and I would catch a server taking a quick glance and silently cheering on to his favorite team.

we goof around as always :)

The menu is quite extensive. Cuisine itself is more towards western.  I ordered beef tacos for myself and a slab of medium rare steak for Bob.

And of course, my beer fridge companion ordered one of his favorite beers… surprisingly it is Red Horse.

The food was decent. Nothing exciting at all.  But what made it memorable is that we were served by wonderful and hardworking people.

Kudos to The Hobbit House crew and to the owner! You made our trip in Boracay extra special.


The Hobbit House
D’Mall, Boracay


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