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Todai, Marina Bay Sands

I wish I could’ve written a better review for Todai, but sadly I guess I have to agree with my hungrygowhere friends on this.

Bob brought me here for a dinner date last Thursday. He made reservations at 7:00 pm. Arriving, we had high hopes due to it’s reputation of being an “upscale all you can eat seafood and international restaurant”.


As the hostess walked us in, my first impression was good because it looks clean and the buffet sections are well organized. You can see how extensive it is. There’s the Italian pizza and pasta section, Japanese sashimi, a long line of assorted sushi, Brazillian churrasco, Korean Barbeque, Local delights and desserts. Looking around, the place can do a lot of seating. I was looking forward to how the service can manage the place and how packed the place can be during a weekday.

Dessert Section

Anyway, as we were choosing food for our first plate, the lights were suddenly flickering until the restaurant was so dim. Bob and I were squinting as we tried to make out what food are we putting on our plates. This went on for a couple of minutes or so. This experience was the first topic of our conversation that night.


For $54++, the buffet spread had value for money. They were very generous on snow crab legs, the sushi was so extensive, there was escargot with cream on the table, the kalbi was well seasoned and the desserts were such a joy to see and taste! As for the beverage, we never expected Milo to be on free flow apart from the usual sodas, coffee and tea.

a little bit of everything from the cold section...

crab legs

assorted sushi

escargot in cream

yummy kalbi, recommended by the Chef

sweet endings <3

The sad drawback? This “all you can eat” restaurant is definitely an “all you can eat” if you don’t mind walking back and forth!

What do I mean?

They serve oysters but they limit 2 pcs per person. If this is the strategy of the management to control the cost or basically concerned about food safety (as a precaution to the recent food poisoning issue that Todai faced), well they could actually look at the oyster section of Shangri La‘s The Line where the chef would shuck the oysters a la minute as per order of the guest (regardless of how many they want). Todai’s oysters were small, already shucked and swimming in a tub of iced water with the left over lemon slices from the buffet. There goes the fresh briny taste that I love about oysters.

The salmon sashimi wasn’t impressive either. It wasn’t the best cut of the fish and I think the chef don’t know how to slice the fish too! Although it’s nice that he cuts the meat a la minute but his show plate is so small that it looks funny that he puts out 4 to 5 slices only each time.

I also have an issue with the chilli “slipper crabs”. They limit the portion 2 pcs per person each time. When Bob asked to put my share on his plate (since I was just behind him and so that we don’t take MORE plates) the guy serving flatly rejects and says “2 pcs per person!”.

I really don’t get it. There’s nothing upscale with it.

Dear Todai Management, I really find this limiting of food in a buffet as ridiculous. Might as well, do a table service on the items which you want to control. Meaning, buffet but a la carte style. It saves your guests the time for walking back and lining up for the nth time for your yummy chilli crabs. I give credit to you guys though on putting oysters in the menu.


I think the servers did a lovely job in clearing our soiled plates as fast as they can although when the restaurant was starting to get packed, there was a bit of a lag.

Anyway, in the middle of our dinner, 8:45pm exactly, the hostess came to our table and politely asking us if we can settle the bill as “the cashier is about to close”. We didn’t mind closing our bill but we found it weird for the cashier to close THAT early.

Well, after this dining experience at Todai, it left me with the thought of this establishment being overrated. In my mind the $54++ was expensive for all these. Thank god I had a discount. It made me feel a bit better.


2 Bayfront Ave, #B2-01 The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Tel: +65 6688 7771


3 thoughts on “Todai, Marina Bay Sands

  1. Thanks for posting this.. It’s been a pleasure to read :)

    Posted by Maurice | November 8, 2012, 2:32 am
  2. Thanks for the review. My companian and I visited Todai on Boxing Day, the Wed that’s just over. On the weekday i went, Todai dun limit any servings including oysters and chilli crabs. We were told the “2 servings rule” was removed for weekday buffet. Also, the waiter din ask us to settle our bill though it was almost to 10pm. Food quality wise, i suppose too much variety can ruin an otherwise nice dinner by one ending up eating too much and being severely bloated after that. Weekday was crowded too, during the peak period ~8pm, the whole food area was jammed packed. And at the cashier later, the queue was damn long and served by only two counters in a small area. Would i go again? Probable not in the near future as i would prefer to stick to hotel buffet for the ambience and cosy dining experience.

    Posted by eric69 | December 30, 2012, 9:32 am
    • Hi Eric!

      It seems that the management is making an effort to improve its system of service. I’m glad that they actually “heard” and acted upon various feedback from us. Let’s hope they continue to make it better.

      Thanks for the update on Todai!

      Best regards,
      Stef S.

      Posted by houseofstef | December 30, 2012, 1:38 pm

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