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The Wine Company, Sentosa Boardwalk

It’s always fun to catch up with good friends, to know how they are doing, how work is going for them so far… Basically how’s their life. I wasn’t dining with girlfriends that night but surprisingly with 2 grown men. The 2 of them, being a gentleman that they are put their “class foot forward” and brought me to The Wine Company at Sentosa Boardwalk for some wine, dinner and dessert.

In my almost 3 years stay here in Singapore, I’ve never visited that area. Apparently, Boardwalk serves as a bridge for leisurely walk to Sentosa. At night, seems like a great place for a stroll. If the stars in the sky wasn’t twinkling enough, look down and the floor is glimmering. And The Wine Company is in the middle of it all. Location wise, it’s a great place to be away, drink, dine and unwind.

The first sight that greeted me is the large lighted glass window. Eerily reminds me of a chapel and it does somehow sets a calm and quiet ambience. The restaurant wouldn’t be called The Wine Company for nothing. Peering thru the cellar, there’s rows and rows of wines… Different countries, vintages, vineyard and types… Quite extensive.

We were fortunate enough to be served by Jayvee, the manager which gave a great recommendation on the wine I must say. We opened this German wine, Steigelmann Gimmeldinger Meerspinne Gewürztraminer Spatlese 2010. Quite a mouthful isn’t it? It’s very hard not to appreciate this wine. Light floral notes on the nose and a burst of lychee and berries on the palate. Adored it!

As our dinner coursed thru appetizer of assorted fried platter, nicely cooked steaks for the boys and a plate of seafood marinara linguine for me… Singapore Slings, Margarita and Lychee Martinis came out too. Another bottle of wine was opened to welcome dessert.

The dessert is a Chocolate Molten Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream. I’m quite impressed how it was baked well. A scoop of it reveals a nice slow ooze of chocolate. Lovely! The warm cake and vanilla ice cream is meant to be eaten together. The contrast of temperatures feel nice.

And so yes, I am really impressed. For an establishment that specializes on wines, I would think that food and especially dessert comes secondary. The Wine Company put much love and thought on their simple classic food menu as much as they did to their wine selection. Another plus is how attentive and knowledgeable the staff are.

Do drop by this place and you’ll see what I mean. I would recommend to come on a weekday though if you’re in need for a quiet place to unwind. Jayvee, said they are pretty busy and full during the weekend.

Anyway, looks like this is a new go to place for us.  If you do happen to see us, come and say hi. We would love to share a chat and a glass or two with you. :)


The Wine Company
6 Sentosa Gateway
Singapore 098072
Tel: 6376 9029


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