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Eating Out in Singapore

49 Seats, Kreta Ayer Rd.

Something good happens when affordable food, darn cheap beers and “boho chic” interiors combine. It becomes a darn good place to bring friends over to have dinner and start the booze rolling. I’m talking about 49 Seats at Kreta Ayer Rd. where most folks would identify the location as near the fringe of Singapore’s Chinatown.

They call it 49 Seats plainly because they have seats for 49 people. Simple. The menu? It looks like a matte printed newsletter. Quite a cool concept that I have been seeing (see this other boho chic place that I went to called Ba Lin in Malaysia). On the menu, they have pastas, sandwiches, hearty soups and mostly fried yet sinful dishes. The fried grubs are a perfect beer match especially when a half pint pour is only $6 and to the thirsty it’s $12 a pint. All in nett prices. Happy hour!!

I happened to pick up Bob from work and since his office is just at Chinatown, he obliged to my request in visiting 49 Seats since I’ve been hearing so much about it from my friends. It was just a short walking distance and as soon as we arrived, we were greeted by MK, by far the most enthusiastic manager that I have ever met.

After picking a seat in a cozy corner of the restaurant, I took MK‘s recommendation of Tom Yum Seafood Pasta but Bob, due to his less, shall I say, picky palate, he went straight for Fish and Chips with a pint of his favorite pint of Hoegaarden of course.

In a chat with MK, I found out that 49 Seats is a brainchild of an Interior Designer and a Businessman. It pretty much explains why the restaurant, though small, made it seem wide and interesting. And can I say that such creative juice also was pumped into choice of wares? When our food and drinks came out, my Snapple was served in this metal mug, Bob’s Fish and Chips in a baking tin and the “glass” for water is the cone shaped baking tin use bake chocolate fondant perhaps? Interesting.

Anyway, I did took a risk in choosing Tom Yum Seafood pasta because I had a horrible dining experience at a restaurant before that served such dish too. Let’s just say, a forkful of the pasta took so much effort from me to get it down my throat. Amazingly, 49 SeatsTom Yum Seafood Pasta made me lap up that silver plate clean. It would’ve been nicer if the pasta would have been a little bit more al dente. That would’ve been perfect! But al dente or not, it’s really about the sauce to me.

Yes, Bob’s Fish and Chips came out in a baking tin. For $9.90, he had 4 huge portions of ultra crispy battered fish with fries beneath and a green salad on the side. Way worth it!

What about my sweet ending? A generous slice of a fudge brownie made more decadent with chocolate ice cream and syrup on top. A brownie with a crispy skin and “fudgey” on the inside. Reminds me of my attempts in baking brownies over the summer when I was 12. So good.

49 Seats is still on it’s soft launch period. Visit and try the food, MK will be more than happy to hear your feedbacks, suggestions and comments on the food and place itself. It looks like Chinatown is getting a lot more hipper now. Everything on nett prices.  49 Seats is definitely a “cheap, cheap but good, good” place to go to.


49 Seats
49 Kreta Ayer Rd., Singapore


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