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Dessert Diary, Eating Out in Singapore

Stellar @ 1-Altitude

What is it like to dine at the the tallest building in Singapore? It was simply breathtaking.  With such supremacy in this town’s air space, a lot is expected. Stellar‘s tall order are producing a gastronomic affair and delivering a great service experience.

It was and yet again a spur of the moment thing for us again.  Since we were at Raffles, we impulsively went up to the 62nd floor of 1 Raffles Place and requested for a table for 2 at Stellar.

The problem with impulsive dining is that you come unprepared… No CAMERA!  I had to trust on my “dying” iphone to snap pictures on low light and quickly take photos of our food before Bob devours them. (Note to self: Always bring your camera, extra fully charged battery for camera and your mobilejuice.)

First stop, appetizers.  To start the evening, we ordered the Sashimi Taster. The sashimi was fresh and delightfully presented. I am a big maguro sashimi eater.  It’s important for me that the slices are plump and bright red.  Stellar served me just that.  I am pleased to say that its one of the best maguro that I ever had.

Sashimi Taster

As you can tell by now, Bob and I love that sweet and briny meat of oysters. My date order a half a dozen of oysters with assorted condiments. I felt that the oysters in itself with a fresh squeeze of lemon can stand on its own without the luxurious element of the assorted condiments such as the sakura and sevruga caviar, petuna ocean trout tartare or the scallop ceviche.

half dozen oyster with assorted condiments

featured condiment: Scallop Ceviche

After our epicurean delight of starters, much is of course is expected with our mains.

His: Tenderloin 120 days grain fed ($48)

Hers: Angus Rib-Eye ($45)

It was perfectly cooked to our liking.  Our meat was served with horseradish crusted bone marrow, snail greens and chive baby potatoes.

Oh god, the bone marrow was divine.  I recommend that you slather your piece of meat with that golden fat and experience the joy in your mouth!

Our dinner spanned to an hour because of a good news that my date surprised me with.  When the beef was done, celebration continued to the Patisserie Menu of 1-Caramel.

Trio Fraise

This sinful plate is made up of 3 desserts…

Strawberry Shortcake

This petite cake is a layer of fresh strawberries, vanilla genoise and strawberry mousseline coated with golden brown puff pastry flakes.  Totally addictive.

Berry Jelly

Have this second dessert to indulge on something light and fruity. Lastly, we ended the night on a high note with something sensual such as strawberries coated with dark chocolate.

It was bliss on a long platter.

Planning a trip to Stellar now?  Make dinner reservations, request a table by the window and let this stellar of a restaurant (no pun intended) take you to a dining experience of greater heights!


62nd floor, 1 Raffles Place (former OUB Centre)
Singapore 048616
Reservations: 6438 0410


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