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Wong Ah Wah Restaurant, Jalan Alor, KL

For 3 days I was off to another adventure with Bob and this time around was in Kuala Lumpur.  I’ve never visited KL,  (I don’t count my previous “stop over” at the airport as one)  so imagine how stoked I was when I learned we are going there.  It was a birthday surprise Bob carefully planned for me (but foiled when I managed to squeeze the secret from him).

We rode a bus to get to KL.  It was a 5 hour long trip that I surprisingly enjoyed.  A/C was cold, seats were spacious and the chair is a massage chair.  PERFECT!  Everything about the trip was a first time experience that the “kampung” me came out and was fascinated by the process (of all things) the immigrations for both countries. It was fast, smooth and easy.

When we finally got to KL, we alighted infront of the building where we will spend the next 2 nights, The Berjaya Times Square.  The complex is a mall connected to 2 buildings, one is the hotel and the other is a serviced apartment. Where we were is actually the main area.  Malls, shophouses and the food street are all within a walking distance.

We arrived by noon and after a quick lunch at Wendy’s, no time was wasted as we immediately went exploring!


Kit, Bob‘s good friend since his university days in Perth, met us up and brought us to Jalan Alor where the entire stretch is a foodie paradise.  This street is alive and bustling already in the afternoon as street food peddlers offer tasty snacks.  As the sun sets, tables and chairs come out as restaurants ready for people like us in search of a good and satisfying dinner.

Kit recommended this restaurant called W.A.W (Wong Ah Wah) Restaurant which the Grilled Chicken Wings is their specialty.  We sat and ordered the following dishes away.

Sambal Veggies to balance out everything.  It has ladyfingers and eggplant inside.  Im a big fan of sambal especially when it is extra pungent and spicy.  How I love eating ladyfingers especially when it is prepared this way.  It went so well with the rice that before the crab was served, half of my rice was gone!

It was a first for me to eat this Salted Egg Crab dish and I pretty much liked it.  The sauce was creamy and flavorful (and no it wasn’t salty either).  An amateur crab shell peeler that I am, found it very tough to get my grip.  It was sticky and oily at the same time.  I ended up licking all the sauce off my piece of crab through my fingers!

As much as I like food, there are certain things that I wouldn’t dare to eat such as this Marmite Frog Legs.  Don’t ask why.  The boys ordered it and I let them have it.  I’m sticking to this chuk-chuk as I suck and slurp the snails away!

Marmite Frog Legs

The “Chuk-Chuk”

I reckon you have to be a pro to eat these mean little things.  You gotta have that good sucking and slurping power to go “tsup! tsup!” on the “chuk-chuck”!

The dinner left us with happy tummies! This was such a nice sneak preview to Jalan Alor that I couldn’t help but wonder what else is good to eat there.  Any recommendations for my next visit?


Wong Ah Wah Restaurant
No 1 & 5& 7,
Jalan Alor (Off Jalan Bukit Bintang)
50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Telephone : 603-2144 2463 or 603-2148 3413


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