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AMUZ, Jakarta, Indonesia

I always believe that when it comes to good food, there’s never too much of a good thing.  Time and again it has been proven by food enthustiasts like me.  During my last trip to Jakarta, Bob brought me to this lovely fine dine restaurant called Amuz to celebrate our anniversary and their “Black Truffle Festival“. … Continue reading

SKYE, Jakarta, Indonesia

Roof top bars and restaurants have been all the craze nowadays but it is not for the faint-hearted (in terms of the height and price).  Most would like to experience dining and drinking way up high.. soaking such carefree ambience which is indicative to one’s extraordinary lifestyle. In high altitude restaurants, expect high prices but … Continue reading

Ladurée Singapore

French macarons finally reached the pier of Singapore!  Officially opened on April 15, 2013, it was actually Bob who managed to visit the booth and the boutique of Laduree at Takashimaya. Bob reports that much anticipation of this famed patisserie resulted to a queue snaking.  They even have a security at the door of the … Continue reading

Breakfast at Antonio’s, Tagaytay – Revisited

Hello dear friends.. I am finally back!  It’s been a long while since I got some peace of mind to leisurely write again.  I ate my words “of having more time to blog”.  Yes, I had time but my mind was so out of focus.  I have devoted my time and energy with work, very … Continue reading

Kitchen Horror Stories

You guys are in for a real treat.  I’ve stumbled upon this post that will definitely make your head spin and stomach hurl. Here’s some gruesome stories of real chefs and their kitchen horrors.  Such nostalgia since I, too have shed some blood and lost a nail or two.  But this is hard core!  I’ve … Continue reading

Coming Soon: Laduree Singapore

Macaron lovers rejoice!  Say “HALLELUJAH!” that Laduree is coming to town. Yep you got that right.  Laduree is actually setting up more branches in Asia.  By next year, we’ll see that mecca in Hong Kong and “along Orchard” perhaps within the area of it’s sister company, Paul Bakery.  Well I know it’s still pretty vague … Continue reading

Club Street Social

A few weeks ago our good friend and fellow foodie Adrienne was in town for a few days.  We badly need to catch up since that last time Bob and I saw her was during our trip to Kapalai with her bf and Bob’s best bud, Jose. I guess foodies will be foodies.  Prior to seeing … Continue reading

Boxup Singapore

Oh goodness me!  I know I’ve been on hiatus and it’s longer than I ever have in the history of this humble blog of mine, but it just couldn’t be helped.  The time I thought I would have, well I didn’t manage to have.  There was normal life stuff taking up all my time, and … Continue reading

Zafferano, Collyer Quay

Bob and I always find ourselves stumbling upon hidden gastronomic gems here in Singapore.  It would always start out either me (or him) picking him (or me) up after work and we would then be wandering around the city because, for one we are hungry and second, we still don’t want to go home.  Such … Continue reading

Social Scene in Jakarta

I’ve always thought that Jakarta is far behind in the club and bar scene industry, thinking since that it’s predominantly a Muslim country which are strict and conservative by religion. Also, as what I have heard from my friends also who are locals, the english language is not advocated in the city.  Tourists like me … Continue reading

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