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126 Geylang Dimsum

Geylang has always been notorious in its reputation.  There’s always a “red light district” in any country and Geylang is Singapore’s.  But to those who know better, it is a place where you can find rows and rows of good food among rows and rows of scantily clad women. One of Geylang’s food shop gems … Continue reading

What She Ate. // The Adventure Continues

My sister, Bob and I continued the culinary adventure on the next few days.  I was actually worried how the food might sit with my sister’s weak stomach so I guess we veered away from those really local dishes.  Armed with bottomless tummies and insatiable appetite, we headed down first to a cultural hub, Chinatown, … Continue reading

What She Ate. // Michelle’s Culinary Adventures in Singapore

Hey folks! Sorry for the backlog.  I was swamped with stuff to do and I’ve been traveling.  I promise the long pause is worth it.  I’m hyper speeding my blog with posts from all the good stuff that I’ve ate and places that I’ve been to. Anyway, what kept me busy during October was the … Continue reading

Orgo, Esplanande

Hello again! I’ve somewhat been on a hiatus lately because of work but it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been into some good restaurants this past week.  I have been eating out but it’s the same shops,  Anyway, Bob surprised me by picking me up after work last night and thought to bring me to … Continue reading

Arnold’s Chicken, City Plaza

I’ve been living near the area for almost 2 years now and I never really did visit City Plaza.  The community is mostly Malay and so with that, I thought the most of the stores are selling purely Malay goods. Yes, how ignorant of me.  And I have never heard about Arnold’s Fried Chicken before. … Continue reading

Time Out Singapore: Singapore’s Top Ten Pastry Chefs

Singapore’s top ten pastry chefs :: Features :: Restaurants :: Time Out Singapore. The dessert scene in Singapore is getting interesting and delicious day by day thanks to these pastry chefs. Shout out to Ku De Ta‘s Chef Bastien!  His pastry kitchen is always euphoric to the senses.

Twelve Cupcakes, Millenia Walk

I’ve always had a weakness for all things cute, sweet and pretty… such things are cupcakes! As self confessed fan of this particular pastry, I have quite a number of share of countless of baking, decorating and taste testing hours.  I know which are the good cupcakes from the bad ones.  Good ones are made … Continue reading

Brunch at Ku De Ta

Great view and indulgent food, an early smorgasbord like no other… from soft rolls, cold platters, salads, hot mains and delicate desserts.  Enjoy a milkshake or if you’re feeling luxurious early in the morning, a glass or two of Louis Roederer champagne will do. Ku De Ta brings weekend brunch to another level. *** Ku … Continue reading

View from the Top: 1-Altitude

The face of Singapore is breathtaking with nearly perfect and well organized structures and some even have quirky stories to tell.  And the Marina Bay Sands is one of the iconic architectures to this date.  Inside is a beauty and the view from the 57th is just spectacular. But to appreciate the facade, one needs … Continue reading

TWG Tea Garden Salon

Working at Marina Bay Sands, most of the time I happen to pass by this place. Similar to its sisters at Raffles, ION and Takashimaya, it exudes that colonial British high-tea feel. Here in Marina Bay Sands, the TWG Tea Garden Salon seems like a good place to have that much needed quiet time after an … Continue reading

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